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6-Flavor Pound Cake 7-Up Bundt Cake 7-Up Pound Cake Alaskan Cranberry Cake
Almond Butter Christmas Cake Almond Cake With Raspberry Sauce Almond Coffee Roll Almond-Crusted Torte
Almond-Lemon Torte Almond Poppy Torte Almond Sour Cream Cake Almond Streusel Bundt Cake and Coffee Glaze
Amish Pineapple Cake Angel Food Cake 1 Angel Food Cake 2 Angel Food Cake 3
Angel Ginger Cake Angel Pound Cake Apple and Rum Custard Cake Apple Butter Cake
Apple Cake Apple Cake 1 Apple Cake 2 Apple Cake 3
Apple Cake 4 Apple Cake (German) Apple Cake "Tatin" Apple Chip Snacking Cake
Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Apple Cinnamon Pecan Cake Apple Cloud Cake Apple Coffee Cake
Apple Crumb Cake Apple Dapple Cake Apple Dumpling Cake Apple-Filled Chocolate Coffee Cake
Apple Nut Cake Apple-Nut Coffee Cake Apple Pecan Cake Apple Rum Cake
Apple Slice Cake Apple Spice Cake Apple Upside-Down Cake Apple Walnut Cake with Apple Cider Glaze
Applesauce Cake Applesauce Cake 1 Applesauce Cake 2 Applesauce Cake 3
Applesauce Cake 4 Applesauce Fruit Cake Applesauce Nut Cake - (Egg Free) Applesauce Raisin Cake
Applesauce Snack Cake - (Egg Free) Applesauce Spice Cake Apricot Pound Cake Apricot Spice Cake
Aunt Eileen's Peach Cake Austrian Chocolate Ecstasy Cake * * * * * * * *


Banana-Carrot Sheet Cake Banana Chip Cake Banana Chocolate Cake Banana Chocolate Pudding Cake
Banana Fudge Cake 1 Banana Nut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Banana Pudding Cake Banana Rum Cake
Banana Sheet Cake Banana Sour Cream Cake Banana Split Cake 2 Banana-Walnut Upside Down Cake
Barm Brack (Irish Fruit Cake) Basic Yellow Cake Bee Sting Cake Best Apple Cake
Best Butter Cake Best-Ever Orange Cake Bestever Pound Cake Best Two-Egg Cake
Bette Lamae (Death By Chocolate) Black Chocolate Dessert Cake Black Forest Pudding Cake Black Magic Cake
Boiled Raisin Cake 1 Boiled Raisin Cake 2 Boiled Raisin Cake 3 (Egg and Butter Free) Brooklyn Blackout Cake
Brown-Eyed Susan Sweet Potato Cake Brownstone Front Cake Brown Sugar Fudge Cake Brown Sugar Pound Cake
Burnt Sugar Cake Buttermilk Cake Buttermilk-Chocolate Sheet Cake Buttermilk Clove Cake
Buttermilk Pound Cake Butternut Chocolate Cake Butternut Pound Cake Butterscotch Dandy Cake
Buttery Apple Loaf Cake Buttery Cinnamon Cake * * * * * * * *


Cajun Layer Cake Calico Crumb Cake California Papaya Raisin Cake Caramel Cake
Caramel-Pear Pudding Cake Carrot Cake Carrot Cake 2 Carrot Cake 3
Carrot-Walnut Cake Chambord Layer Cake Charleston Chocolate Cake Cherry Pound Cake
Cherry Pudding Cake Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake Chocolate-Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting Chocolate-Beer Pudding Cake
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce Chocolate Cake with Rum-Spiked Figs Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Chip Cake Chocolate Chocolate Angel Food Cake Chocolate Date Cake with Whipped Cream Chocolate Dump Cake with Sugar Glaze
Chocolate Fruit Cake Chocolate Fudge Cake Chocolate Fudge Cake 1 Chocolate Fudge Cake 2
Chocolate Fudge Cake with Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Ganache Glaze Chocolate Gateau Chocolate Icebox Cake Chocolate Lover's Delight
Chocolate Mousse Cake Chocolate Pudding Cake Chocolate Rocky Road Cake Chocolate Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Chocolate Sheet Cake Chocolate Syrup Pound Cake Chocolate-Zucchini Cake Chocolate-Zucchini Cake 2
Citrus Yellow Cake Clove Cake with Caramel Icing Coca-Cola Cake Cock-Eyed Cake
Cocoa Pound Cake Coconut Cake 2 Coconut-Cream Cake with Lemon-and-Lime Filling Coconut Layer Cake
Cola Cake Cottage Pudding Covered Apple Cake Cowboy Coffee Cake
Crazy Mixed-Up Cake Cream Cheese Brunch Cake Cream-Cheese-Frosted Pumpkin Cake Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Cream Cheese Pound Cake 2 Créme-De-Menthe Chocolate Cake Creamy Coconut Cake Creamy White Cake
Creole Chocolate Cake * * * * * * * * * * * *


Daffodil Cake Dark Chocolate Walnut Layer Cake Delightful Golden Orange Chiffon Cake Delicious Carrot Cake
Delicious Chocolate Cake Depression Cake Devil's Food Cake Devil's Food Cake 2
Devil's Food Cake 3 Devil's Food Cake As A Box Devil's Food Layer Cake Do Nothing Cake
Down South Yam Cake Dr. Pepper Texas Chocolate Cake Dubush Torte Dundee Cake


Easy Walnut Cake Edna Lewis's Christmas Fruitcake Elvis Presley Cake with Priscilla Icing Elvis Presley Pound Cake


Fig Cake Florida Orange "Flower Cake" French Apple Cake With Apricot Glaze Fresh Apple Cake
Fresh Apple Cake 2 Fresh Apple Cake with Black Walnuts Fresh Coconut Cake Fresh Peach Pound Cake
Friendship Cake Starter Fruit Cake Fudge Cake * * * *


Gateau Au Rhum German Apple Cake German Chocolate Pound Cake German Chocolate Pound Cake 2
German Fresh Plum Cake (Zwetschgendatschi) German Gold Cake German Walnut-Spice Cake Ginger-Orange Carrot Cake
Gingerbread Layer Cake Gingerbread Pear Upside-Down Cake Gingerbread Supreme Gingered Fresh Pear Cake
Gold Nugget Cake Golden Layer Cake Golden Sangria Cake Good Morning Plum Cake
Grandma's Lemon Pound Cake Greek Lemon Sponge Cake Green Tomato Cake * * * *


Half Pound Cake Harvest Apple Cake< Heart-Healthy Apple Coffee Cake Heavenly Hash Cake
Hershey's® Chocolate Cake Hershey's® Peanut Buttercup Cake Hillybilly Cake Honey-Applesauce Cake
Honey Cake Honey Chocolate Cake Honey One-Egg Cake Hot Fudge Sundae Cake
Hummingbird Cake Hummingbird Cake 2 Hungarian Plum Cake Hungarian Plum Cake 2


I Remember Pound Cake Island Pound Cake Italian Cream Cake Italian Plum Cake
Italian Raw Apple Cake * * * * * * * * * * * *


Jack Daniel's Tipsy Cake Jack Daniel's Tipsy Carrot Cake * * * * * * * *


Kentucky Jam Cake King's Cake (Twelfth Night Cake) King's Cake 2 Kugelhopf


Lady Baltimore Cake Lady Baltimore Cake 1 Lady Baltimore Cake 2 Lane Cake
Lane Cake 2 Lavender Bundt Cake Layer Cake Lazy Daisy Cake 2
Lemon Angel Food Cake Lemon Buttermilk Cake with Strawberries Lemon Cake Lemon Cake 2
Lemon Flip Cake Lemon Pecan Fruitcake Lemon Pound Cake Lemon Pound Cake 2
Lemon Pudding Cake Lemon Pudding Cake 2 Light Pineapple Coffee Cake Lite Hummingbird Cake
Liz's Pound Cake Loaf Cake with Raisins, Almonds, and Rum Lord Baltimore Cake * * * *


Macadamia Nut Fruitcake Macaroon Marble Cake Madeira Cake Martha Washington's Cake
Mary Todd Lincoln's White Almond Cake Mayor's Chocolate Cake Merritt House Applesauce Cake (Egg-Free) Milky Way Cake
Milky Way Cake 2 Mimosa Cake Mini Bundt Cakes Miss Fogarty's Cake
Miss Rosa's Gingerbread Mississippi Fruit Cake Mississippi Mud Cake Mississippi Mud Cake 2
Mississippi Mud Cake 3 Mississippi Mud Cake 4 Mississippi Mud Cake 5 Mississippi Soft-Rock Cake
Mocha Cream Cake Mocha Spice Cake Molasses Pound Cake Molten Lava Cakes
Monkey Cake Mother's Best Fudge Cake Ms. Watson's Cake * * * *


Neiman Marcus Cherry Nut Cake Neiman Marcus Coffee Angel Food Cake Neiman Marcus Lemon Bars Neiman Marcus Seven-Layer Cake
No-Bake Black Forest Refrigerator Cake Nut Torte * * * * * * * *


O'Connor's Famous Gingerbread Old South Caramel Cake Old-Fashioned Apple Stack Cake Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pound Cake
Old-Fashioned Cider-Gingerbread Bundt Cake Old-Fashioned Nut Cake Old-Fashioned Pineapple-Upside Down Cake Old-Fashioned Plum Cake
Old-Fashioned Raisin Cake Old-Fashioned Red Velvet Cake One-Bowl Honey Cake One-Egg Cake
Orange-Almond Cake Orange Celebration Cake Orange Crumb Cake Orange-Date Cake
Orange "Kiss Me" Cake Orange Liqueur Cake Orange Loaf Orange Marmalade Gingerbread
Orange Pound Cake Orange Sheet Cake Orange Spice Cake Orange Spice Upside-Down Cake
Orange Sunshine Cake Orange Tea Cake Oreo Cookie Tube Cake Original Kentucky Whiskey Cake
Overnight Coffee Cake * * * * * * * * * * * *


Papaya Coffee Cake Papaya Coffee Cake with Pecans Peach Perfection Cake Peanut Butter Cake
Peanut Butter Cake 2 Pecan Cake Pecan Cake 2 Penny-Wise Cake
Perfect Chocolate Cake Philadelphia Cake Pina Colada Jar Cakes Pinapple-Cashew Cake
Pineapple Layer Cake Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Pineapple Pound Cake
Plantation Cake Plum Cake Plum Cake (Pflaumenkuchen) Poppy Seed Cake
Poppy Seed Cake 2 Praline Cake Praline Pound Cake Premier Pound Cake
Prize Chocolate Cake Prize Coconut Cake Prize Sour Cream Pound Cake Prune Cake
Prune Cake 2 Pumpkin Cake Pumpkin Cake 2 Purple Ribbon Pumpkin Cake


Queen Elizabeth Cake Quick Chocolate Cake * * * * * * * *


Raisin Gingerbread Raspberry-Almond Coffee Cake Raspberry Coffee Cake Raw Apple Cake
Real Lane Cake Red Velvet Pound Cake Rich Honey Gingerbread Ritz Cracker Cake
Royal Chocolate Cake Raspberry-Apple Cake * * * * * * * *


Sarah Bernhardt Cake Savarin Seventh Heaven Cake Shenandoah Valley Apple Cake
Shoo Fly Cake Simple Carrot Cake Six-Layer Toffee Torte Sour Cream and Lemon Cake
Sour Cream Coffee Cake Sour Cream Orange Cake Sour Cream Pound Cake Sour Cream Pound Cake 2
Sour Cream Spice Cake Sour Cream-Walnut Cake Sour Dough Coffee Cake Sour Milk Ginger Cake
Southern Jam Cake Southern Prune Cake Spanish Cocoa Cake Spice Beer Cake
Spiced Chocolate Cake Spicy Italian Prune-Plum Cake Spicy Jam Cake Strawberry Cream Cake
Strawberry Crunch Cake Strawberry Meringue Cake Strawberry Silhouette Cake Streusel Plum Cake
Sugar Plum Cake Sweet Potato Cake Sweet Potato Cake 2 Sweet Potato Cake 3
Sweet Potato Pound Cake Sweet Potato Pound Cake 2 Sweet Potato-Nut Roll * * * *


Unbaked Fruit Cake * * * * * * * * * * * *


Tennessee Carrot Cake Tennessee Stack Cake Texas Cake Tipsy Cake (Sopa Borracha)
Tipsy Squire Cake Tomato Soup Cake Tres Leches (Three Milk Cake) Tropical Chiffon Cake
Twelfth Cake or King's Cake * * * * * * * * * * * *